Navigating the Fast Lane: Mastering Simultaneous Projects in the Events Industry

The first quarter of 2024 will be a hectic few months for us at Alchemy Group and in the dynamic realm of the events industry, one skill stands out as a true game-changer: the ability to juggle multiple projects with short lead times. Every event professional knows the adrenaline rush of tight deadlines, competing priorities, […]

Crafting Exceptional Events: Elevating Fundamentals Before the Flash

In the vibrant world of events, it’s common for newcomers to be swept away by the allure of extravagance, often overlooking the essence of a successful gathering—the fundamentals. Prioritising the basics is indispensable for creating a seamless and enjoyable guest experience, a foundation often overshadowed by the allure of “smoke and mirrors.” Here are five […]

SA Tourism: Incentive travel in our own backyard

Must-knows for international tour operators considering SA tourism. We’re Alchemy Group. And we know, just as you’ll know if you follow any media at all, that travel is back. Sick and tired of two years of emotional and physical lockdown, the world’s tourists are flooding out of their homes and into new destinations. But what […]

Events: Bye-bye, tie-backs! Adieu, event muffins!

The 6 things we hope don’t make it back into the events industry.  In the events industry? We have pet peeves to share. You might call ‘em grumpy… but they make for enjoyable reading. Especially after 2.5 years during which everyone in the events industry had to develop a rock-hard sense of humour.  We’re Alchemy […]

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